Tuesday, February 24, 2009


My close friend and is destroying her life. Her whole life she has been surrounded by a family and friends that love, and care for her. She continually makes poor life decisions, even when those who care about her (including myself) give her advice, she takes the advice and agrees, but then is soon back to her old ways. Her parents are distraught, her friends are concerned. What are we supposed to do? I would like to just take her and make all her decisions for her, and cut her out of her own decisions. I know that is not possible.

As I was pondering these things, the thought occurred to me that this is how Jesus Christ must feel. He has given us every opportunity in life, He has given us a life guide (the Bible) to making wise decisions, He has surrounded us with love (He gave His life for us), yet their are those who trash their lives, and pay no attention to Him. Jesus Christ heart must break, when He looks down, and sees what mess we are making of things. I am sure He weeps, when He says, "I have given you every opportunity, all you need, to live a full life. Why won't you listen, and obey."

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