Saturday, February 21, 2009

Scott Hamilton, The Great Eight

This is a great figure skating story. It is much more, however, than just a figure skating story. It’s a story of inspiration, of overcoming life obstacles, of maintaining healthy relationships, and of leading a life of happiness.
Each chapter is based on a lessons learned from Scott’s figure skating career, as well as, through his struggle with lifelong physical ailments (including cancer, twice).

His story can be an inspiration to all. Even when things are going bad, or you are in a down time of life, happiness can still be found.

Scott tells how he would never have been the success that he is, if he would have given up after falling down on the ice. He had to repeatedly get up, and fall down, before he could land his infamous jumps.

The key to all our success and happiness is to trust our Almighty Coach, Jesus Christ. Scott had to trust his coach’s judgement, and instruction. He could not have succeeded on his own.

Never lose. There is always something to be discovered in our seeming “losses”. However, if we are able to better ourselves through these “losses” then they are not losses at all, but wins!

To experience happiness in our relationships, it is critical that we maintain clear communication. Keep the ice clear. Just as it is hard to skate on used ice that has tracks from other skater, so it is with our relationships. If we continue to dwell on the past, or suppose the past predicates the future, we will never experience true relational happiness.

Scott talks about how amazing Kristi Yamaguchi’s smile is, and how she always has a smile, even when she falls. This is important to our life happiness, always smile. Decide, to be happy.

There is much more to living a life of happiness. By following the guidelines in this book, one can be far along on the road of obtaining a life of happiness and true success!

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