Wednesday, February 11, 2009

God's Time

I have been reading through the books of Samuel.

It is interesting that when we read about Samuel, there is a lot that is unsaid. Samuel starts with him as a boy, and talks about some experiences that he had. Then we hear nothing, until Saul is annointed as King of Israel. Then, Samuel appears in Saul's story periodically, and then we read of him anointing David as the next king.

Samuel did great things, he was used of God (to the point of having a Bible book named for him).

In our lives as Christians, we want to be used of God, in a supernatural way. So, to accomplish that we try to do a lot of things in our own power. Often these are good, noble, "Christian", things. However, they are not God things.

No doubt, Samuel served God in an awesome way throughout his life. However, we only read of portions of these things.

So it is with our own lives, we can do many things for God, but God has a specific opportunity/responsibility for us. He will use us in His time, and for His purpose. Not ours.

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