Saturday, February 14, 2009

Prayer Answered

This is a facebook note written by my wife:

I am writing this note to give God praise again and again for all His many blessings in my life! We have all been through so many things in the past six months! We have been hearing of all the terrible tragedies in our loved-ones lives and we have been praying continuously for these families! There also may have been some of your own near tragedies in your own dear life. Whatever situation you find yourself in..... I hope you find this note encouraging that we do still serve an amazing God that does heal and take care of us! Be encouraged that our God still is amazing! And He does prove it over and over again! This is one of my true lived miracles I would like to share with you!As all of you may know about two years ago this past january I was in the hospital for a CT scan, due to horrible migraines. I started getting them in May 2004 right before I graduated! Needless to say by december 2006 they continued to get worse and more frequent! I went from a migraine every couple of months, to about one a month, increasing to about three or four a week! Finally in january 2007 three months after we were married, I passed out at my grandparents house where we were visiting family in Indiana. Aaron took me to the hospital, and they did a CT scan and it was negative. After much pain, and many tests in the hospital we went back to my grandparents house so that I could continue to rest. Once I arrived my brother Brad called, and said he had a friend that wanted to pray with me for my migraines..... for God's healing touch! Honestly, I was hesitant at first, (atleast at this point without much faith of my own ) but I knew I needed to give it a try! We went over to my brother's house where we met the individual and he started to pray with me... ...and sure enough there was a power of healing that took place in my brother's little apartment that afternoon. I can't explain it. The only thing I could relate it to was the feeling I use to get in revivals when people prayed through... or at camp meetings when you knew that someone was really touched! I am telling you that I walked into my brother's apartment, with a filled prescription (migraine medicine) in my purse, and walked out never once needing to use a pill out of that prescription!I am happy and very thankful to God that I just celebrated His healing touch in my own life! I have been without "ANY" migraines for two years as of this past january 2009! Our God we serve CAN and WILL take care of us... all we have to do is believe and be faithful to seek Him and He prevails!

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You have an awesome wife! =)