Saturday, February 14, 2009

Expectant Surprise

A couple nights ago my brother-in-law (Brad) texted me to say that he had a friend of the family that was diagnosed with cancer a while ago. The man was in chemo and radiation when Brad last saw him. Brad asked the man if he could have one of his friends pray with him. The man agreed and the individual prayed for him! The man just recently went back for a doctor's appointment and they ran tests and the cancer is gone! The doctors in the hospital say they cannot find any signs of cancer!

This is an awesome story of healing. A story of what my Jesus is like, of what he wants to do for us.

I often wonder, why are these stories of miraculous healing are so surprising? As a Christian shouldn't this be expected?

We are very thankful to God for His grace, mercy, power, healing. Perhaps, we need to be more expectant in our faith/prayer.

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