Monday, November 03, 2008


I saw this headline on my Facebook, about this guy getting arrested for preaching.

Watch the video... Tell me what the "Christian" thing was to do.... All he had to do was follow the proper procedure for a permit, and no problem...but he refuses?

Is this the best way to show Christian love?

By not being properly informed and prepared, this man compromised the message of Jesus Christ. If he would have jumped through the proper hoops, he could have freely shared Jesus Christ. Instead, he shared with no one and was unnecessarily arrested.

You can read his story on

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Greg said...

Greg // November 2, 2008 at 3:07 am

After watching the video that was posted on Facebook here ( I have to say that I think its right to side with the university on this matter. It seems the pastors were provoking a response and not willing to abide by an institution’s policies for regulating non-university groups on campus.

If they wish to argue about laws vs. regulations, they should do so through the proper means, not on a lawn with a video camera so they can claim persecution. This whole incident had absolutely nothing to do with gospel tracts or preaching.

The university officials were quite clear: If they had the proper permits, than they could be on campus passing out tracts without any issues. The fact that they were willing to argue over this perfectly reasonable requirement, which is applied to all groups, shows they had more in mind than just passing out Gospel tracts.

The pastors were being irresponsible with their free speech right by not willing to practice it within an orderly manner. USD was right for removing them from the campus. These rules are in place to protect everyone’s rights. You needed to go through the proper channels to get a permit to do what you guys were doing.

If there aren’t rules in place for governing the exercising of free speech, than eventually chaos would ensue. Regulations are in place to protect the rights of the students there for an education, to allow you the chance to say what you think needs to be said, and to ensure that another group does not act in a matter that disrupts your right to say it. What, exactly, is unreasonable about that?

If you were granted a permit to be on campus, and another group came on campus without one and did their best to oppose your work, wouldn’t you want some rule in place to protect your right to freely speak and be heard?

Unfortunately, the two of you chose to fight against the very rules that help ensure you the right to preach openly without hindrance. These rules weren’t against you! They are here to help you! Please remember Romans 13 next time you try to pull a stunt like this again.

I hate to say it, but you are not blameless in this incident. You did not conduct yourself in an appropriate manner because you refused to satisfy the requirements of the university. If you had, and they still denied you, or were forced off campus because of what you were doing, than you can claim persecution.

Please stop trying to act like a martyr here, because you are not one. You weren’t arrested for anything to do with the gospel and your video proves it.