Saturday, September 19, 2009

Secret Information of Utmost Importance...Coming Soon!

Something that really "grinds my gears"...

All these great authors write books (non-fiction), because they feel that they have important information/solutions/insight that all people should know. That's awesome! Thank-you so much. But, in order to receive this life-changing information you'll have to pay anywhere from $14.99-21.99.

If the message is so important, and life-changing (and it should be, if people are going to spend time reading it), then why not provide it for free. Free online or in print. If the message produces life change then people should be happy to freely contribute/donate to the authors vision.

It reminds of the news on TV, " 11 we reveal local restaurants that have failed health inspections due to rampant rat infestations..." What!? What if I am planning on eating at this "mystery" restaurant at 6? Now I have to wait until 11:00 at night to find out why I suddenly feel ill. How important is that bit of news?

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