Sunday, September 20, 2009

Rule of 5

This morning at church, Dr. John Maxwell, taught on generosity in a message titled "Pay it Forward". One of his points to be generous was to take action; part of taking action is following the Rule of 5.

If there is a big tree to be removed, and the farmer goes out once a day and takes 5 chops at it with his axe, eventually the tree will fall. On the day that the tree falls, the farmer is no better at using an ox, he wasn't any stronger, he didn't do anything different or special on the day the tree fell, he simply kept at it everyday until it was accomplished.

That is the key to taking action and being met with success, just do something, do it every day. This is my weakness, I have a lot of really great ideas, however, most of them never get started, the ones that do never get finished. We worry about everything being done just right, or for everything to be done in the right timing. All we really need to do is a little every day, starting where we are.

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