Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Whatever Happened to Loyalty?

The problem with professional sports is lack of player/team loyalty. Players do not play with a team because they believe in it. They jump from team to team based on monetary gain (20 million vs. 16 million, etc.). However, most teams are not loyal to their players, they work under contract, they trade based on income, or viewership.

A lot of parishoners are not loyal to their churches. People jump from church to church, never staying at a church long enough to build, or become part of, the church family. People will leave a church they have been attending, when a new church comes into town, just for the newness of it. New pastor in town, that preaches in a different way, let's leave and go there. Potluck dinners at the other church, "See ya!". Parishoners bounce from church to church based on job opportunities. They will attend one, just to get into the church job, when that doesn't work out, their off to the next church ("job opportunity").

Whatever happened to loyalty in the church? Whatever happened to attending a church because that is where God has called you to attend?

Just as parishoners are not loyal to the church, the church is not loyal to its parishoners. This seems to be more prevalent in large churches (1,000+). Often times when there is a position to be filled, rather than hiring from within the pool of capable volunteers, they will look to fill from the outside. Rather than utilize its people, churches often spend their money to bring in consultants. Instead of trying to plug new/different people into various ministries, they rely solely on the "regulars" (they always sing, she always teaches, their always in charge of the pageant, etc.).

Why has the church stopped being loyal to its parishoners?

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