Saturday, April 25, 2009

Muck Mouth

The Book of James compares the tongue to a forest fire. A small ember can ignite a huge forest fire. This analogy is pertinent for many reasons, forest fires can burn quickly, they can cause lots of damage, and quickly grow "out-of-control". The forest fire can have far reaching consequences (loss of life, home, property; new vegetation growth, etc.).

An amazing thing about forest fires is the creation of "muck fires". When a forest fire occurs, there are sometimes areas of extremely heavy brush, or swamp/soft areas, that cannot be fully extinguished. As a result of this type of terrain, and firefighting efforts, muck fires occur. A muck fire is when this mud, or thick growth continues to burn. It can smolder for days, weeks, or even months before finally extinguishing itself.

So it is with the tongue. Whether the tongue is used for good or evil our words can smolder on forever. If we make a joking, flipant, negative comment, it may not mean much to us, but those words we spoke can simmer/smolder inside the person indefinitely.

If we give a quick word of encouragement, or a positive statement, though it may not mean that much to us, the effect of that good word, can stay with a person forever.

As we speak, we should remember that things we say may be no big deal to us, but to the listener, they could have lasting impact.

Don't be a "muck mouth"!

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