Thursday, March 26, 2009


13 For You formed my inward parts;
You wove me in my mother's womb.
14 I will give thanks to You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Wonderful are Your works,
And my soul knows it very well.
Psalm 139: 13-14

Max Lucado, with the help of a caterpillar named Hermie, and his friends, does a superb job of illustrating this point for children.

Skeeter is a mosquito that is ashamed of his crooked stinger. His brother has a straight stinger, and is a great adventurer. When Skeeter's brother, shows up, as the hero, in the garden where Skeeter lives with his friends, things get a little tough. Skeeter has always felt that their father looked down on him because of his crooked stinger. However, throughout the story it is discovered that, Skeeter's brother cannot fly due to small wings. The brothers are led on a treasure hunt that their father had left them.

They are led to a treasure that reveals to them the truth of Psalm 139:13-14.

I would highly recommend this video as a tool for teaching young children the truth of God's Word. And for illustrating the point that we are all unique, and made in the image of God.

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