Saturday, March 07, 2009

Fan Into Flame

2 Timothy 1:6, "Therefore, I remind you to keep ablaze the gift of God that is in you through the laying on of my hands."(HCSB)

Oxygen is one requirement to have fire (heat and fuel are the other two). If a small fire begins to smolder in an enclosed space (a closed up room, aircraft cockpit, etc.) it will smolder for a while, then when all the oxygen is burned up, it will extinguish. However, if, during the smoldering phase, additional oxygen is introduced to the fire (a door is opened, etc.) the fire grows rapidly. A danger for firefighters is that when we arrive on-scene we sometimes, do not know, how long a fire has been burning so we must be careful when making entry, if oxygen is introduced to an almost oxygen depleted fire atmosphere, and explosive backdraft could result (as demonstrated in the movie of the same name).

In the same way, we are to introduce oxygen to the fire that God has placed within us.

We all have God given talents, abilities, and purpose. However, if we do not work on these, do things to enhance our talents, skills, abilities, and further God's purpose in our lives, the smoldering fire with in us will die, and we will live a non-fruit bearing life.

If God has given you a musical talent, you must use it. Study music, listen to music, read about music, play music, sing, do music. Or the music God has placed with in you will die.

If God has given you the gift of preaching/teaching, you must utilize it. Preach, teach, learn the art of public speaking, read about preaching/teaching, increase your knowledge of the material to be preached (God's Word).

Often times people come to Christ, but they are only Christians for a short time. What has happened is that they have had insufficient amounts of oxygen, fanning their flame of salvation. New Christians need to be surrounded with other Christians, they need to be led to Christian resources, and spend considerable amounts of time with God (in His Word, and prayer).

As "seasoned" Christians we understand the value of constantly applying the oxygen of God's Word, and time spent with Him, to the flame of salvation that is within us.

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