Saturday, January 17, 2009

Speaking Engagement

I will be speaking Sunday (1/18/09) at Community Wesleyan Church, in Intercession City, Florida.

My topic is "God, Our Refuge", using a text from Deut. 19:1-13 (Cities of Refuge). I will be using illustrations from my experience in the fire service.


1. Refuge is within easy reach.
- Illustration- New Years Eve Bangkok Fire; Cocoanut Grove nightclub fire.
- Clear way of escape.
- Rev. 3:20
- I Cor. 10:13

2. Refuge is open/available to all, no one is turned away.
- John 3:16, "whosoever"

3. The one in need will have life.
-Romans 3:23

4. Refuge is the only alternative, without it, total destruction.
- House of Refuge, Hutchinson Island, FL
- Psalms 46:1

5. The accused is protected with the boundaries of the city only. Outside of city means destruction.
- Castillo de San Marcos, St. Augustine, FL
- SCBA mask, firefighter's life-line

6. Full freedom comes only with the death of the High Priest.
- Jesus as High Priest
- Hebrews 2:17-18

I will post the video recording of the message here within the week. Thank you.

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