Thursday, September 01, 2011


At the 2011 WCA Global Leadership Summit I was privileged to hear Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Mama Maggie Gobran, speak on silence and demonstrate humility.  Mama Maggie, often referred to as "the Mother Teresa of Cairo", is founder of Stephen's Children Ministry which serves children in the neighborhoods of the garbage collectors and urban poor in the Zabbaleen slums of Cairo.

Here are some notable quotes from her on silence and humility:

"True elegance comes from the inside."

“Silence is the secret, in it we discover the taste of eternity”

  • Silence your body to listen to your words 
  • Silence your tongue to listen to your thoughts 
  • Silence your thoughts to listen to your heart beat
  • Silence your heart beat to listen to your spirit 
  • Silence your spirit to listen to His spirit

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