Monday, August 08, 2011

Hillsong United

I have never really liked, or approved of, "worship" artist concerts.  I never liked going to see a Third Day, Chris Tomlin, etc. type of show.  The reason (read the post, Worship Entertainment) is that it seems that on Saturday I'm at the concert partying, hanging out watching someone perform, having a great time; Sunday, I go to church and am expected to sing the same songs but with much revere.  Hillsong United changed all that!

This Saturday my wife and I, along with several of our friends, attended the Hillsong United concert in Miami.  Before they even come out to play, they inform you that we are not here to be entertained, but that we are here to worship God and experience Him afresh.  That is exactly what happened! Thousands of people worshiping the living Creator! Worship is supposed to be exciting, supposed to be fun.  In Heaven we are going to be joining countless numbers of others as we worship our Lord.

The interesting thing about Hillsong is that the people I saw performing at this show, probably will not be the same people next year.  The band was never introduced.  Hillsong understands, and wants the worshipper to understand, that it is not about them.  It is about Him!

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