Monday, April 11, 2011

Doing Virtuous Business, by Thomas Roosevelt Malloch

Thomas Roosevelt Malloch, CEO of the Roosevelt Group and head of the Spiritual Capital Initiative at Yale University, presents an excellent argument for conduction virtues based business in his book, Doing Virtuous Business.

He opens with a discussion on spiritual capital.  Showing what exactly spiritual capital is and why it matters.  Then he sets out to define 'virtue', through Aristotle, the Greeks, and Christendom.

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The remaining chapters of the book delve into the practical aspects of doing virtuous business.  The virtues of leadership, courage, patience, perseverance, discipline, justice, forgiveness, compassion, humility, and gratitude and how the shape the soul of a corporation are covered in depth.  The book hinges on Aristotle's "cardinal virtues" of temperance, courage, justice, practical wisdom, and the fact that without these no other virtues can be reliably acquired or exercised.

Malloch does not solely focus on Christianity as the only way to virtue, but other faith groups as well.  He conservatively utilizes today's big companies as practical examples (both good, and bad).  An appendix is provided, which outlines companies that are successful because the refuse to do anything other than virtuous business.

This should be required reading for anyone desiring to start, build, or maintain a successful company based on being virtuous.

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