Monday, November 02, 2009

Preaching in the Spirit (Self-Discovery)

All too often we preach about history and abstract values when we should be able to say, "The Word of God has come alive for me. Here's what it says about me and to me!" That's the point of being biblical in our preaching: We must present the Bible not only as the Word of God, but as the Word of God about us. Biblical preaching involves more than reciting and explaining the text. Most evangelical preachers can quote significant portions of Scripture, but that is not enough; Scripture must be presented in such a way that it speaks to the needs of the person who hears it. That can occur only through the enlightening power of the Holy Spirit. When the Spirit's internal revelation breaks into the preacher's mind and attends his preacing, it has the potential for radically transforming people's lives.

- Dennis Kinlaw ("Preaching in the Spirit")

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