Monday, October 05, 2009

Church Coach

I don't really get it? Maybe it's just me, and if the readers get it, then please explain it to coaching.

These great pastors/teachers/leaders/conference speakers, they start these "mentoring" programs, stating that they have this great burden on their heart for pastors, and building them up as leaders. So, they start these programs where you get to meet with them one-on-one weekly/monthly, talk together, and learn from the great teacher. Some of these coaching programs also grant the mentee free access to the great preacher, for special times of need or when help is needed. This is awesome, that these great pastors and teachers, want to utilize their time, and pour into other pastor/teachers, to make them more effective in their ministry for the Kingdom.

But wait, all this great learning, mentoring, and access is going to cost you. Prices vary, but usually in the area of $300-400 per session, and on into the thousands of dollars. Yes, its true, to sit down at Starbucks, drinking a $5 coffee, with a great pastor that you strive to model your ministry after is going to cost you.

Great pastor/teachers get paid to carry out the daily habits that all Christians should instinctively just do. Building one another up, createing disciples of Christ, spending time being "iron sharpening iron". Pouring, in a significant way, into the lives of others.

I wonder how much the 12 disciples had to pay to be "mentored" by Jesus, Himself?

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Kevin said...

That is crazy. Although when Jesus asked his disciples to leave their jobs and leave their families they might have rather paid $300. Good post though man. And by the way... when can I start charging you to hang out with me?