Sunday, July 26, 2009


Lately, I have been reading about the great Spiritual revivals of the past. This need for a spiritual revival has been on my heart for some time. I would always mention it during my prayer time. But, as I was reading God's Word, I felt like God was saying to me, "Aaron, if you truly want to experience revival what are you doing about it?"

My mention of revival in my prayer time is not going to bring about spiritual revival in my life, church, community, or nation. However, seriously seeking for revival, and making it a focus of my prayer time/life will contribute to bringing spiritual renewal.

I have been studying the book of Deuteronomy. The more that I read it, the more that I see that it is a book that is very applicable to our Christian lives today. It is really a book all about revival. Deuteronomy is the amazing story of God bringing the Israelites out of the wilderness (physical and spiritual), and into a place of revival (a new land of blessing, a renewed passion for the things of God). Perhaps God is preparing to bring us, our churches, and our nation. out of our spiritual wilderness and into a land of renewal in Him.

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