Thursday, June 25, 2009


When my wife (Kristina) and I were getting married a couple years ago, we sent out more than 300 invitations. We had about 200 people that actually showed up. Out of all those invitations and all the people that came there were a couple of people that I really wanted to be there. These were people that were important to my life, I would have been disappointed if they had not shown up. These people received an invitation just like all the others, however, I also called these few people on the phone, to make sure they were going to be there, I talked to them face-to-face just so they would know the importance of their presence at my wedding. I made sure they didn't have any problems or issues, I wanted everything to be easy for them so I could be sure they would make it to my "big day". These were people that I wanted to be there, even if nobody else came.

Throughout my church life, I have heard people (myself included) "invite" the presence of God to the service/meeting/gathering. I have heard this "invitation" go out many times, often times I have left the service without this "invitation" being answered. As the church are we content to just invite God to our services, and then leave without ever truly experiencing Him?

It takes more than just a mere invitation. We need to go to God, and beg for His presence, long to experienced His power, we need to prepare our hearts throughout the week (not just at opening prayer time on Sundays) so that conditions are favorable for the presence of God. We need to be hungry for His presence, to the point that it does not matter what else is going on or who else is there. All that matters is that God was there. We are filled with His presence and power.

Or are we just content to come and go without change, content that God did not RSVP our invitation?

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Kevin said...

Good post Aaron... very challenging. I would love to have you share that at HSM this week, maybe before we worship...