Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dream Test

Do you have a dream? Is your dream capable of being accomplished? If your dream can be accomplished, how? These questions and more are answered in John Maxwell's latest book, Put Your Dream to the Test. Maxwell walks the reader through these 10 questions, in a quest to achieve dream clarity, direction, and accomplishment:

1.) The Ownership Question: Is My Dream Really My Dream?
2.) The Clarity Question: Do I Clearly See My Dream?
3.) The Reality Question: Am I Depending On Factors Within My Control to Achieve My Dream?
4.) The Passion Question: Does My Dream Compel Me to Follow It?
5.) The Pathway Question: Do I Have a Strategy to Reach My Dream?
6.) The People Question: Have I Included the People I Need to Realize My Dream?
7.) The Cost Question: Am I Willing to Pay the Price for My Dream?
8.) The Tenacity Question: Am I Moving Closer to My Dream?
9.) The Fulfillment Question: Does Working Toward My Dream Bring Satisfaction?
10.) The Significance Question: Does My Dream Benefit Others?
Maxwell helps the reader answer these questions by sharing an applicable story of people who have taken this "dream test" and passed.
This is an excellent book. It will help the person who has dreams to properly define them, and then form a strategy to achieve those dreams. This book is very easy to read; through the use of story Maxwell fully engages the reader.
Don't leave your dream to chance. This book is a must-have that can make the difference between failure and success.
"It's one thing to have a dream. It's another to do the things needed to achieve it. If your willing to put your dream to the test - and do whats needed to answer yes to the ten dream questions - then your odds are very good for seeing your dream become reality."
- John Maxwell

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