Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Truth Review

I (and a small group) just completed going through a 13 week study on truth. It's called the Truth Project, and was created by Focus on the Family.

The twelve lessons are referred to as tours, and Dr. Del Tackett is our guide on these tours. Dr. Del Tackett, presents this information in an easy to understand way, utilizing visual aids, and other interviews.

Dr. Tackett uses the visual of a temple (a Truth Temple, so to speak). And he very carefully builds this temple starting with the foundation (the first 4 tours), and then putting into place the pillars (the next 4 tours), and finally ending with the top of the temple, the four spheres.

These twelve tours, that make up the Truth Temple, consist of:

Tour 1: Veritology

The focal point for this first hour of discussion is the concept of Truth itself. What is truth? Why is it important? What role does it play in the biblical view of the world, God's purpose for the cosmos, His will for mankind, His plan of salvation, and the way we live our personal lives?

Tour 2: Philosophy & Ethics

In essence, the message of this lesson parallels the precept of Proverbs 23:7 – "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he." The heart of the discussion lies in the thought that there is a formal and vital connection between our ideas about the nature of the world (philosophy) and our understanding of right and wrong behavior (ethics).

Tour 3: Anthropology

We engage in an in-depth examination of biblical and contemporary ideas about the nature of the human race. The focus of the discussion is anthropology: Who is man? Where did he come from? What is the meaning and purpose of his existence?

The answers we bring to these questions have a direct bearing upon our approach to another pressing problem, one of the thorniest and most challenging of all – Why is there evil in the world?

Tour 4: Theology

"Who is God?" Knowing God, he argues, ought to be our passion and our highest goal; for until we look upon His face, we cannot rightly know ourselves or begin to grasp the meaning of our existence in the world.

Tour 5: Science

In the process, we will discover that whereas "the heavens declare the glory of God and the firmament shows His handiwork" (Psalm 19:1) so that the Creator's "invisible attributes are plainly seen" (Romans 1:20), mankind has nevertheless chosen to ignore the obvious truth, twisting scientific investigation into a vehicle for propagating a godless philosophy of human independence and self-determination.

Tour 6: History

We take a close look at the importance of maintaining a firm grip on the past. In the process, we will see that a proper appreciation of historical context – in other words, our place in God's "larger story" – is fundamental to an accurate understanding of almost every aspect of our lives. History provides us with indispensable insights into the meaning of existence, God's plan and purpose for the ages, man's responsibility toward the Creator, and his duty toward his fellow creatures.

Tour 7: Sociology

Now we turn south to consider some of the amazingly detailed reflections of God's nature inherent in the social order. According to Dr. Tackett, the evidences of the divine imprint that we see in this realm are even more awe-inspiring and more indicative of the heart of the Creator than the marvels of DNA replication or the complexities of the blood-clotting system. But for this very reason they also stand closer to the focal point of the Cosmic Battle.

Tour 8: Unio Mystica

We are now led on a tour of the socialsphere that Dr. Tackett characterizes as the heart and soul of Christianity: the Mystical Union (Latin, Unio Mystica) between God and man. Here, in the most intimate and profoundly mysterious sphere of the "Intimate Three" (family, church, and the God-man relationship), we have the privilege of pondering exactly what it is that Christ has purchased for us at the price of His precious blood shed on the cross for our sins: not simply salvation from hell, but an invitation into the Godhead itself, where we may experience the incomprehensible wonder of oneness with the Creator of the universe.

Tour 9: The State

We now examine the spheres of the state, politics, and law. On this, the ninth of twelve worldview tours to be completed during the course of The Truth Project, we will take a close and careful look at how these spheres are interconnected and how they relate to other aspects of the social realm: family, church, labor, community, and the relationship between God and man. Special attention will be given to the design, structure, and role of the state, its place in God's plan for human society, and the rightful extent and limits of its power. The state, as we will see, has the capacity to exert a tremendous power for good in the affairs of mankind as long as it operates within its proper boundaries; but it also has the potential to become the most horrendously pathological and abusive of all the social spheres if not kept in check.

Tour 10: The American Experiment

We want to take a brief look at the question, "What should God'sminister on earth (Romans 13:4) look like? What is a proper form for this agency that is divinely appointed and commissioned to administer justice, punish evil, and encourage goodness among its citizens or subjects?" We will approach this task by considering the American Experiment.

Tour 11: Labor

We will find that creative labor is a vital element of God's plan for the social realm; that work is not a "curse," as it is often represented today, but an essential element of our humanity; that it is, in fact, rooted in the nature of God Himself, the Original Worker. We will also learn that the structure of this sphere parallels that of the others we have already visited in that it also appears triune in design. And we will begin to see that the importance of work is closely related to our divinely given responsibility to care for the poor.

Tour 12: Community & Involvement

Here, perhaps more than in any other sphere or field of inquiry, we will have an opportunity to draw near to the Creator and learn what it is that has compelled Him to draw near to us. We will find that the God of the Scriptures is in fact the Lord of the lonely, the Savior of the outcast, the Defender of the defenseless, and the Sustainer of all who find themselves in need. Our call is to become like Him by discovering what it means to not only love Him, but to love our neighbor.

This study on all areas of truth in life is essential for any church or believer. This study will open your eyes to the true nature, character, and heart of Christ, who is Truth.

These 12 Tours are all filmed to the highest quality standards. The tours lend themselves, very easily, to open group discussion. There is also a website, in which participants can log in and take advantage of additional resources (outlines, study guides, powerpoint slides), and discuss the content of the tours.

This study cannot be led by just anyone, the study leader must first become "certified" by attending a Focus on the Family, Truth Project, seminar.

You can find more information at The Truth Project.

Also, check out the promotional video below.

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